what we give


Given an aging population, an increasing percentage of Europe’s experienced nurses are nearing retirement – just when the European community needs them most.


Ask any patient waiting hours for treatment: Europe needs a steady stream of incoming nurses, urgently.


Cheerful and friendly, inherent Filipino culture dictates the perfect bedside manner to set your patients at ease.


peace of mind

Your facility needs to do nothing more than call.  We take care of practical training, language fluency, cultural sensitivity training and immigration to the EU.

Partnership with us ensures your agency’s ability to efficiently supply a steady stream of qualified, committed, English speaking nurses.

How We Work


Our 20 award-winning recruitment centers actively engage qualified, motivated nurses from hundreds of top hospitals and universities across the Philippines. 


GH nurses are required to achieve success throughout not only two tiers of intense interviews but also documented reference checks and recommendations as well.


Our award-winning in-house training facilities bolster our candidates’ practical skills, English fluency, and ability to transition easily to their new cultures.


We manage all immigration and visa details on behalf of our nurses and clients.

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European patients deserve prompt, skilled and compassionate nursing care. We ensure they receive it.