At GH, our solution to the nursing shortage is based on our core values:

Professionalism   ·  Competence  ·  Reliability   ·  Flexibility   ·  Respect

Throughout Europe, all types of care and rehabilitation facilities are suffering from a deficit of capable, available nurses. Our nearly 20 years of experience provides us with the infrastructure, training and education to combat this challenge. We are ready and able to provide your organization with an abundance of experienced, attentive nurses.

Our solution is efficient, reliable and all-encompassing.



We began in 1998 as a boutique nursing recruitment agency in the Philippines, providing both physical therapists and medical staff to agencies and facilities throughout the United States. Three years later, recognizing the increasing demand for nurses and the opportunity to streamline efficiency, we established our own award-winning training center. As we grew, we opened multiple recruitment centers throughout the Philippines and honed our recruitment methods to maintain our high standards.

In 2012, we expanded our operations in response to the growing European need. Today, we are proud to recruit, train, and manage the entire relocation process for the most professional, experienced nurses anywhere.

Ultimately, our clients enjoy a convenient, seamless stream of qualified, professional nurses.