After nearly 20 years invested in fine-tuning our recruitment, training and immigration process, we can offer our clients the ultimate level of efficiency.


We actively recruit qualified, motivated nurses from hundreds of top hospitals and universities across the Philippines. Thanks to our extended history and exceptional reputation in the area, we attract top talent and our established relationships with both higher learning academies and institutions enhance our success. Our recruitment centers can be found in 20 cities nationwide.  


Our relationship with nursing candidates begins with documented qualifications and then moves forward to a two-tier interview process. Potential GH nurses must first prove themselves to a local team, and upon success, are then invited to interview with our destination country’s team. We evaluate our candidates not only on their professional competency but also on their English fluency, bedside manner and reliability, which we confirm by performing thorough reference checks.


Our award-winning in-house training facilities bolster our candidates’ skill sets both in the practical realm and also in English fluency preparation. Although each of our nurses comes to us speaking English, we pride ourselves on absolute fluency: every single one of our staff has passed the IELTS exam. In addition, we understand and embrace that there are significant cultural differences between the Philippines and our nurses’ final destinations. We therefore also provide cultural sensitivity training to ensure that the transition is successful.


In partnership with our colleagues in the Philippines, we manage all immigration and visa details on behalf of our nurses. By the time our clients are ready to place one of our nurses, the entire immigration process is complete.

Ultimately, our clients enjoy a convenient, seamless stream of qualified, professional nurses.